Saturday May 28th
Heritage Lounge
From 8.45pm - 11pm

Must be 18 years and over!

THUNDERSTRUCK has become Sydney’s premier AC/DC Tribute Show. This has come from hard work , playing the best we can, making it a real AC/DC experience and getting the audience involved. It’s all about making them part of the event, something that they will remember and they will want to be part of again and again. We do recognise that they could go out and watch any other act in Sydney, so we make it a ROCK N ROLL PARTY every time we hit the stage.

Saturday June 11th
On Sale NOW!
Doors open 7.30pm Show at 8pm
Must be 18 years or over

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the Akmal Show has been postponed from 5th Feb to 11th June.

Anyone whos experienced a live AKMAL show knows the charmingly deranged energy this hilarious national treasure brings to the stage.

Now imagine AKMAL cooped up for months inside his own house during lockdown - forced to stare at the wall muttering madly to himself instead of into a mic. The thoughts swirling but never getting OUT. The unreleased funny building to a critical mass. 
Oh Boy!
Thankfully, it's time for AKMAL to explode onto the stage once more... and God only knows what crazy thoughts he's cooked up in confinement!

Saturday June 25th
Heritage Lounge
From 8.30pm - 11pm

Pub style. Non-reserved seating and tables!


Saturday July 23rd
$30 per person
Doors open 7.30pm Show at 8pm
Must be 18 years or over

Buckle up as the ‘WOMEN OF OZ’ take you on an unforgettable musical journey celebrating the greatest female Australian Icons of all time! Trailblazers like Helen Reddy, Olivia Newton-John, Marcia Hines, Tina Arena, Kylie Minogue, Christine Anu and more!!

This high energy, empowering show features 3 powerhouse female vocalists, backed by a stellar group of musicians who will have you dancing in your seats, reliving all the magical moments in music history in a show that leaves you wanting more!

All the hits including Xanadu, I Am Woman, Chains, Boys In Town, Bedroom Eyes and the Locomotion! “WOMEN OF OZ” is jam packed with hit after hit of all ur favourite female Australian anthems.

Saturday August 13th
Tickets $40 per person - ON SALE NOW!
Doors open at 7PM - Show starts at 7.30PM
Must be 18 years or over!

Theatre style seating. Non reserved!

Ezio and Michelle De Angelis are Australia's number one husband and wife Psychic Medium team, and they are bringing their outstanding Psychic Mediumship to the fabulous North Ryde RSL Club on Saturday 13th August at 7.30pm.   

Often described as Australia's most accurate mediums, they are also acclaimed authors and teachers.  Ezio and Michelle have appeared on Channel 7's Sunrise program and the smash hit series The One.
Both Ezio and Michelle have previously been voted Australian Psychic of the Year! 
They have presented their mediumship to sold out shows across the country.  Audiences has been astounded by their accuracy and detail in delivering messages from loved ones who have crossed over " The proof is in the detail we are able to deliver.  Communicating with Spirit is all about connecting audiences with loved ones they never expected to hear from again.  We can demonstrate that you will be reunited in the Afterlife."Getting a detail message or validation from the spirit world is empowering. We all share the same human experiences and knowing that we will be reunited can give you the courage to step forth in life and give it your all.  And we all want to know that our loved ones are watching over us, don't we?  Of course, we do!  Our work is all about filling those emotional gaps, building bridges between worlds and bringing comfort.  That's what we do...and why we do it."


Saturday September 10th
$28 per person
Doors open 7.30pm / Show 8pm
Must be 18 years or over!

Pub style. Non-reserved seating and tables!

Live Baby Live! The INXS Tribute Show is Australia’s premier rendition of one of the most iconic bands in Australian history. Live Baby Live! brings together a group of musicians that have a combined 40+ years experience playing music and performing live. 

Live Baby Live! deliver a stunning replication of all the classic INXS tracks, performing songs from their first album all the way through to their latest hits. Frontman Guy Collings is a natural born performer and brings the late great Michael Hutchence to life on stage, bearing a striking resemblance to Hutchence in sound. 

Guy is joined by Matt Porter on keyboards, harmonica, rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Lucas Collings on lead guitar and backing vocals, Josh Bowen on saxophone, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Justin Miranda on bass guitar and Jackson Collings on drums & percussion. 

Bringing all these elements together, Live Baby Live! produce what can only be described as an amazingly accurate tribute to the mighty INXS. 

With meticulous attention paid to the unforgettable INXS Live at Wembley performance and swagger to match, let Live Baby Live! Take you back to a time when rock and roll ruled.